A Brief History of the Camp Olympics and Color Wars
(Imagine Camp Kinderland having any kind of war!!)

If anyone has any additonal information about missing team names please let me know.

(Thanks to Meira Bernstein (2006) for compiling this list and to Joanna Kalb (1993) for finding the official records, starting in 1973, buried in the back of a drawer.)

1944 Color War
1945 Color War      
1956 USA USSR UK France Israel India
1957 India (1st with 166 points) Poland (2nd with 162.5 points) USA (3rd with 162 points) Italy (4th with 161.5 points) Ghana (5th with 160.5 points) Israel (6th with 153 points)
1960 ILGWU United Auto Workers United Steel Workers 1099 (pharmacists) Printers  
1962 Bulgaria          
1963 Japan Poland Romania Senegal Tanzania  
1964 USA Bulgaria Indonesia Italian    
1965 Nigeria Israel Mexico Czechoslovakia    
1966 Cambodia Senegal        
1967 France Japan Poland Tanzania    
1968 Marc Rubman remenbers the following: There were 4 teams but also a rouge 5th team, "the infirmary sickies". Led by Marc Kaplan (who was then a cit), there we're 5 or 6 of us who were sick during the Olympics and kept in the infirmary for nearly the entire Olympics. Near the end of the Olympics, we all broke out of the infirmary and marched on the games singing the song we had written to the tune of "the peat bog soldiers". Guess we weren't all that sick.

Others remember: Denmark, POland, USSR
1969 Pakistan Kenya USSR England    
1972 Mohatma Ghandi Hannah Senesh Benito Juarez      
1973 United Labor Fur and Leather Workers(Purple) Local 1199 – Hospital Workers(Black) United Mine Workers(Blue)    
1974   Cambodia(Navy) Chile(Red) Guinea-Bisseau(Purple)    
1975 The Roots of Unity American Indian Community Black Community Hispanic Community Jewish Community  
1976   Ghana(Black and Green) Greece(Blue and Orange) Mexico(Red and Yellow)    
1977   Cuba(Blue) Italy(Red) Japan(Purple)    
1978   Holland(Blue) Ivory Coast(Yellow) Vietnam(Red)    
1979   Egypt(Yellow) France(Red) Israel(Blue)    
1980   Jamaica(Green) Nicaragua(Blue) Poland(Red)    
1981 Freedom Fighters Dolores Ibarruri(Red) Emma Goldman(Purple) Frederick Douglas(Green)    
1982   El Salvador(Red) Azania (South Africa)(Green) Yugoslavia(Blue)    
1983   India(Blue) Chile(Red) Ireland(Green)    
1985 Resistance Nicaragua The Philippines South Africa Spain 1936  
1986 La Lucha Continua The Anti-Slavery Movement(Purple) The Labor Movement(Gold) Native American Rights Movement(Green) Anti-Intervention/ Sanctuary Movement(Red)  
1987 The Struggle Continues Mozambique Guatemala New Zealand Haiti  
1988 Building A Better Future Angola(Green & Black) China(Yellow & Purple) Mexico(Blue & Orange) USSR(Red & White)  
1989 Black Liberation Struggles Port au Prince 1791(Yellow & Orange) Harper’s Ferry 1859(Red & Purple) Mississippi Freedom Summer 1964(Blue & Brown) Soweto 1976(Green & Black)  
1990 Revolutionary Turning Points France 1789(Blue) Russia 1917(Red) India 1947(Green) Nicaragua 1979(Black)  
1991 American Peoples Hispanic Americans(Red) African Americans(Yellow) Asian Americans(Blue) Native Americans(Green) Jewish Americans(Purple)
1992 Building Bridges Judah Magnus(Blue) A. Philip Randolph(Orange & Black) Chico Mendes(Green) Sojourner Truth(Purple) Ida B. Wells(Red)
1993 Solidarity Israeli Palestinian Peace(Blue) Asian Student Democracy(Red) Gypsy Rights(Purple) Islamic Women’s Liberation Movement(White) African Freedom(Green)
1994 Heintikeh Kemf - Our World Struggles Haiti(Blue) Mexico(Red) Ireland(Green) Burma(White) Mozambique(Purple)
1995 Africa’s Many Peoples Nigeria(Blue) Madagascar(Green) Kenya(Red) Morocco(White) Zimbabwe(Purple)
1996 Workers of the World Brazil(Purple) France(Blue) Guatemala(Red) Pakistan(Green)  
1997 Youth Activism SNCC(Blue) Young Lords(Purple) Brigadistas(Red) Soweto(Green)  
1998 Struggle in Solidarity:  Working people’s struggles United Farm Workers Strike and Grape Boycott 1964(Green) Lawrence Textile Workers Strike 1912(Red) United Automobile Workers’ Flint Sit-Down Strike 1937(Purple) Shirtwaistmakers’ Strike 1909(Blue)  
1999 Struggle in Solidarity Indian Independence Movement (Red) Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo(Green) Women’s Suffrage Movement(Blue) Ban the Bomb(White)  
2000 Speak Truth to Power Hollywood 10(Green) Conscientious Objectors(Blue) The Israeli Refusers(White) Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan(Purple)  
2001 People Before Profits Haymarket 1886: Rights of Labor(Red) People’s Movements of the 1930s(Green) Seabrook 1977: Health Before Profits(White) Seattle 1999: International Democratic Cooperation Not Corporate Exploitation(Blue)  
2002   Gay-Straight Alliance International Brigades Free the Children Abolitionists  
2003 Truth, Peace, and Justice: Telling It Like It Is Art-Makers(Red) Muckrakers(Green) News-Breakers(Blue) Whistleblowers(White)  
2004 Building Democracy in America Civil Liberties(Blue) Equality(Red) Solidarity(Green) Community Justice(White)  
2005 Seeds of Victory Mother Jones and the UMW(White) Harry Hay and the Mattachine Society(Blue) W.E.B. DuBois and the NAACP(Red) Dave Dellinger and the War Resisters League(Green)  
2006 What Does Real Democracy Look Like? Venezuela(White) Bolivia(Blue) Chile(Red) Brazil(Green)  
2007 From Discussion to Action Jews for Racial and Economic Justice(Red) Highlander Center(Blue) Greenpeace(Green) Center for Constitutional Rights(White)  
2008 A People’s Platform: Kinderland’s Agenda for Change Czechoslovakia(Red) South Africa 1991(Blue) Guatemala(Green) USA 1932-1936(White)  
2009 Achieving the Impossible The Civil Rights Movement (Blue) The Abolitionists(Red) The Suffragists(Purple) The Eight Hour Day(Green)  

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