1) Yale Gerol (1943): The Manifesto of the Tennis Courts

2) Josef Bar-On (1945): I Pissed All Over Paul Robesonís Trousers

3) Joe Dorinson (1952): I Used to Walk With You

4) Barry Fireman (1955): The Raid (1953)

5) Julia Ross (1955): Underground With Mommy

6) Edna Garte (1955): Pete Seeger’s Banjo Lesson

7) Edna Garte (1955): Another Pete Seeger Story

8) Bobbie Schneider Rabinowitz (1957): The Kinderland Affair
   (Reprinted from the 75th anniversary reunion yearbook)

9) Fred Plotkin (1972): Rafter Ball

10) Ivy Meeropol(1984) CITY LORE; The Little Red Summer Camp

11) Marissa Brostoff, (Groupie): Notes on Camp Kinderland

12) Emily Kurilof (Groupie): A Note about Camp Kinderland

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