Class of 1952
Youth Group

Picture 1:   July 17, 1952
Picture 2:  August 4, 1952
Picture 3: Also August 4, 1952

  Picture 1     July 17, 1952

Bob Liebowitz, Sol Stern, Lenny Potash, Alice Baer, Joe Dorinson, Nina Youkelson, Jacqueline Spivack , Eileen Katz, Ina R

Julie Poussaint, Natalie Richman, Carl Sussman, Violet Kaufman, Ira Goldenberg, Minna Levine,                                   
                                                          Shevi Glassman, Anita Negrin, Judee Rosenbaum, Counselor Ruth ?, Counselor Arnie Weinstat

Allan Blumstein, Lenore Diesenhouse, Jeanne Fishman, Carl Z, Sandy Feldman                                        
                                  Ellie Goldstein, Jerry (Baltush) Daniels, Estelle (Red) Kusher, Sol Forman, Marcia S

Picture 2, August 4, 1952

Click on the picture to see who's who.


Picture 3, Also August 4, 1952

This picture is very similar to picture 2.
Two additions:
Norm Potash in the back middle with a vertically stripped shirt.
Bernie (Peewee) Leeling is to the left of Norm in the horizontal stripes.


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