1955 Youth Group

Picture 1 August 5
Picture 2 August 20
Picture 3 Date unknown

Saralee Braverman, Jerry Mark, Phyllis Mandel, Ernie Strom, Counselor Mitch Berkowitz
Ruth Gordon, Richard Lednicky, ??,  Ruth Feinglass, Bernie Cylich

Helga (Cookie) Jacoby, Mona Stern, Sandy Buchalter, Doris Dermer, Ellie Zeitlin, Eva Lewis

Steve Malmude, Ed Goldson, Larry Grossman, Bob Schwartz, Counselor Nina Youkelson, Ann Mansfield
Michel(Frenchy) Shifris, Sheila Cohen, Joel Sarfati

Edna Garte, Phyllis Taksey, Frannie Yates, Judy Licht, Les Campbell, Bobbie Titus

Steve Malmude, Bobbie Titus, Doris Dermer, Ruth Gordon, Eva Lewis, Counselor Nina Youkelson
Ellie Zeitlin, Counselor Mitch Berkowitz, Richard Lednicky, Mike McNeil, Les Campbell

Mona Stern, Frannie Yates, Ruth Feinglass, Saralee Braverman,  Sheila Cohen, Sandy Buchalter,  Bernie Cylich,  Jerry Mark,  Bernie ?
Ann Mansfield, Joel Sarfati, Larry Grossman, Phyllis Taksey
Michel(Frenchy) Shfris, Helga (Cookie) Jacoby, Judy Licht, Edna Garte
Ed Goldson, Bob Schwartz, Phyllis Mandel

Edna Garte, Sandy Buchalter,  Larry Grossman, Joel Sarfati, Saralee Braverman, Bernie ?, Phyllis Taksey Mona  Stern, Phyllis Mandel, Eva Lewis, Jerry Mark
Ann Mansfield, Ellie Zeitlin, Helga (Cookie) Jacoby, Counselor Nina Youkelson, ??, Ruth Gordon, Richard Lednicky
Frannie Yates, Doris Dermer, Bobbie Titus, Ruth Feinglass,  ??,  Sheila Cohen, Mike Caldwell

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