The CITs    1957
(Who's got the knee sock concession?)

Jerry Forwand, Reva Hoffman, Martha Becker, Bobbie Schneider, Steve Deutsch,
Bobbi London, Mike Brownstein, Dina Suller, Cynthia Lasher, Mike Jarcho,
Joanne Brahinsky, Ira Levine, Gene (Huey) Falk , Susan Cohen, Debbie Wexler

Larry Lewis, Karl Freed, Mike Pevzner, Janet Safar, Barbara (Babs) Wool , Sue Scher, Marcia Titus

Peter (Smitty) Smith , Benjy Wengrofsky, Micki Martin
Paul (Poncho) Perlman and counselor Judee Rosenbaum. Bob Signer, Harry Schneit, Martha Brall, Peter Green, Ruthie Horowitz
Counselor Lenny Potash, Counselor Chuck Bick, Bill Tabb, Danny Goldman, Katie Blickstein, Peter Auerbach, Robert Rosenthal, Teddy Reich

Camera Shy: Counselor Micki Flacks
Poncho was not our counselor in 1957 but that is such a great picture I put it up anyhow.

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