Camp Wyandot
Camp Wyandot 1

The following pictures were taken in 1951

Jerry and Leo Feinstein at Pavilion

Jerry Feinstein at Flagpole

My Bunk: Standing: Aunthen - Elliot - Steve - Wolly - Bobby Williamson - Richy Kneeling: Leo Feinstein - Bobby Loman - Dickie Flacks - Bruce - John

My Bunk at Raritan River John Bruce Elliot Red Greg.

George Corinaldi

Mr. Sauter in front of infirmary

Wyandot Group A staff in 1953.
Back: Paul McGowan, Bernie, Bill, Phil
3rd  row: Evelyn, Norma, Mary Twichell, Linda, Frank
2nd row: Marilyn, Artie, Susan Weinstock, Ronnie, Henry
1st row:  Anne, Abbie, Judy, Eddie, Phyllis Farber


Happy and Carol - Wyandot 1952