Camp life
Camp life 9

Top from the left: Dick Willing, Hy Schwendinger, Sol Spector. Bottom right is Ed Smith. Picture takenin 1943

Phyllis Farber and Phyllis Schnipper her counselor, 1948

             Group C, Bunk 11 - 1951
Front row(l to r): Bobby Epstein, Billy Gerson,Davey Horowitz, Larry Liebman
Back Row: Willie Ford, Fred Jerome, ALan Fink, Dave Slapershnik, Bobby Pilgrim, Steve Rosenfeld

Lois Malsman, Barbara Kryzak, Betty Smith

Chicky Yeargens, Carrie Zeitlin, Betty Smith
Irvie Perry, Barbara,Kryzak, Renee Erlick
Ella Levine,Marion Rosen

John Wilson, Bernie Schneider,Billy, Bobby, Bobbie Schir
Frankie, Ray, Nye, Georgie
Lutherr, Freddie Quitkin, Steve, Hershel

1936. Ernie Rymer (I think was the first director of Wo-Chi-Ca) is in the front holding his daughter Jo.

Whitey Meltzer in front. And from left to right standing: Meyer Finkelstein, Dave Glaser, and Labe Pape. They were counselors in '42