Jules (Julius) Dassin
December 18, 1911 - March 31, 2008

In this short excerpt from a 2004 interview, Jules at 93 waxes nostalgic about his days at Camp Kinderland. The full interview (52 minuites) can be viewed at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lEOky-JCL0

A note from Hershl Hartman.

Julie Dassin was a member of the left-wing, avant garde Yiddish theater ensemble, ARTEF (Arbeter Teyater Farband - Worker's Theater Association), a number of whose members went on to major roles on Broadway and in Hollywood. He spent at least one summer in the mid-1930s on the adult side (not yet called Lakeland) of Camp Kinderland as part of the cultural staff. His performance there (1937?) in "The Bishop of Munster," portraying a Catholic churchman who had spoken out early against the Nazis, was caught by Margaret Webster, about to launch her career as a major director of Shakespearean and other classical dramas. Webster immediately recruited Julie for her fledgling company. Incidentally, Webster's greatest triumph was the longest run of a Shakespeare production in Broadway history: 296 performances of Othello, starring another friend of Kinderland, Paul Robeson.

The man who showed the interviewer the ad was Marty Itzkowitz.

A picture of Jules at camp

For a biography see http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0202088/bio

The Tell-Tale Heart (1941)
Nazi Agent (1942)
The Affairs of Martha (1942)
Reunion in France (1942)
Young Ideas (1943)
The Canterville Ghost (1944)
Two Smart People (1946)
A Letter for Evie (1946)
Brute Force (1947)
The Naked City (1948)
Thieves' Highway (1949)
Night and the City (1950)
Rififi (1954)
Celui qui doit mourir (1957)
Legge, La (1959)
Pote tin Kyriaki (Never on Sunday) (1960)
Phaedra (1962)
Topkapi (1964)
10:30 P.M. Summer (1966)
Hamilchama al hashalom (1968)
Up Tight! (1968)
Promise at Dawn (1970)
The Rehearsal (1974)
Kravgi gynaikon (1978)
Circle of Two (1980)

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