1) A 1932 professionally made film about Camp Kinderland.
     Photography by L. Siminoff & Leo Seltzer of the Workers' Film &
     Photo league of New York and Los Angeles
    (About 15 minutes.)

2) This Land is Your Land in Yiddish.(About 5 minutes.)

4) A Hard Day's Night in Yiddish, Gerry Tenney (staff in the early 60s) (About 2 minutes.)

5) Every once in a while some of the songs that we all love gets attention on a popular show on a major network.
    It's nice to have two of our songs so recognized.
     A) Dark as a Dungeon (About 1 minute.)

     B) Old Man River (About 1 minute.)

6) Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg mentions "The Ballad For Americans" on the Charley Rose (Boo) show. (About 30 seconds.)

7) The truth about Henry Hudson from the song "Listen Mr. Bilbo."

The Robeson Collection

1) This link is to a portion of the 2012 Black Image Awards in which Harry Belafonte is awarded
    the NAACP's Spingarm metal. During his acceptance Belafonte speaks of Paul Robeson. (About 15 minutes.)

2) At the 2015 Academy Awards Harry Belafonte quotes Paul Robeson,
      listen carefully when he begins to speak. (About 2 minutes.).

3) Paul Robeson is profiled on the PBS show:
      The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross: 1940-1968,
      a program with Henry Louis Gates. (About 3 minutes.)
      (Gates is best known for being arrested for "breaking into" his own home.)

4) Paul Robeson: Here I Stand Documentary (About 2 hours.)

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