Dear Fellow Kinderland Alumni:

Charitable giving is rarely motivated by the depth of feeling that Kinderland alumni hold for Camp. For many, like ourselves, Camp was an experience that has repeatedly influenced our lives in very significant ways. These include not only the social and humanitarian values learned, but also the friendships, comradery, and love affairs that have molded our lives.

Camp’s influence has continued for the generations that have succeeded us. Few socially progressive children’s camps have survived the last several decades. Kinderland endures. It continues in essentially the same form and with the same values that we experienced. Unlike many other camps, there are no umbrella organizations, corporations, nor very deep pockets to provide a buffer against the unexpected large expenses that can occur without warning to unbalance even the most carefully planned budgets.

So it is up to us who loved Camp and continue to believe in its mission, to help sustain it now. Kinderland must rebuild its septic system at a cost of $250,000 over the next 2 years, and $110.000 is needed by September 30th of this year. Although the current septic system is safe and effective, Massachusetts building codes have recently changed, necessitating extensive revisions of the system.

We are asking all alumni to participate in this effort at whatever level they can. Although every dollar helps, we are asking those who are able to pledge at least $1000. A pledge of $5000 can be spread over 5 years (e.g. $1000 per year). Of course, $5000 up front would be deeply appreciated. Several donations at this level are already pledged.

If the Kinderland experience remains meaningful in your life as it has in ours, please help support this effort to insure Camp’s survival. Checks should be sent to Camp Kinderland, attention Alice Shechter, 16 Court Street, Suite 2200, Brooklyn, NY 11241.

We appreciate any donation that is possible but please keep in mind that this donation is separate and apart from the annual gifts that you may have made. That money is still needed for our operating budget.

Billy Rothberg
Gabe DeAngelis
Alice Shechter
Judee Rosenbaum
Huey Falk
Peter Smith (Smitty)

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